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The department of Mechanical engineering came into existence in the year 1962, the year of inception of the college. It is a major and pioneer department of the college, imparting instructions leading to the Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master's degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). The department offers Ph.D. courses also. Since its inception the department has actively participated in teaching, training, design, development, research and extension activities. The department has brought out graduates, postgraduates and Ph.D.s who have excelled in every field; they have gone to and have brought laurels to the college. This extra ordinary success has been achieved due to the highly qualified and dedicated faculty and technicians and also to the curriculum and the facilities in the department. The courses are meticulously designed for basic concepts and keep the students in tune with the latest developments and advances in the mechanical engineering. The students graduating from this department have just the right ingredients to set the industrial, managerial, administrative world ablaze with their achievements. The list of distinguished alumni of the department available through the alumni link corroborates the statements made.

The department has undertaken prestigious research projects from Ministry of Human resources & Man Power Planning, Govt. of India worth about Rupees twenty million. These projects include Alternative Energy Sources (AES) for 21st century, design and development of fuel cells using Gobar Gas, Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control. The department has introduced at the Bachelor's Degree level, subjects like Direct Energy Conversion Systems, Geographical Information System, Total Quality Management, Non-Conventional Energy Resources, Human Computer Interface, Utilization of Computers in Mechanical Engineering Systems, Powder Metallurgy, Composite Materials, etc. to keep the students abreast with areas of emerging technology.


The department is pioneer in the field of material testing, providing different types of testing and consultancy facilities (tensile, bend, elongation tests etc. of flat/circular steel bars) to different government and reputed private organizations viz. Power Grid Corporation of India, UP Jal Nigam, Hindustan Petroleum N.E. Railway, Larsen & Tubro Ltd. The department has a hydraulically operated Universal Testing Machine ZD of 40T capacity. To augment the testing facility department has recently procured a 100 ton capacity computerized Universal Testing Machine and Micro Cam version 4.0 for micro-structural analysis and imaging. The department also has facilities of metallurgical analysis, micro structural studies, failure analysis and heat treatment of steels. The department has a well equipped 'IC Engines and Combustion Lab', which has facilities for carrying out vehicular emission tests. The department also has expertise in making project reports for small-scale industries. The department is blessed with faculty who have made significant contribution towards knowledge in the form of publications in the prestigious national and international Seminars/Conferences/Journals. Some of the research papers, especially in emerging fields like combustion generated emission control, hydrogen energy, and AES have been greatly appreciated. The achievements of the department in development of modern labs, innovative techniques applications for the developments, design and installation of newer devices in the laboratories are worth mentioning.

The department believes in the phrase, 'Plan your work and work your plan'.

• Laboratories
• Research


The department has the following well-equipped laboratories enriching the technical knowledge of the students :

  1. Advanced Machining Lab
  2. Computer Lab
  3. Fluid Machinery Lab
  4. Heat Transfer Lab
  5. IC Engine & Automobile Lab
  6. Mechanical Measurement Lab
  7. Material Science Lab
  8. Metrology Lab
  9. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
  10. Strength of Material Lab
  11. Theory of Machine Lab
  12. Thermodynamics Lab


Important Research work Carried out / On going research projects:

Title Project Investigator Source of Funding Total Cost Date of Sanction Duration
Carried Out
"Development & Characterization of Al-Pb Alloy" (Ph.D. Thesis) Dr. B. B. Singh(Dr. K.K. Mishra)Guide - - - 1987-98
"Performance Evaluation and Indegenization of Sterling Engine" Sri L. B. Singh NEDAUP Gov. - - 1993-95
"Hydrogen fueled engine end-utility system: Fabrication, instrumentation and evaluation of performance and emission characteristics" (M.Tech. Thesis, IIT Delhi) Dr. Praveen Pandey - - - 1989-91
"Studies on diesel saving by Gasifier-Engine-Genset" Dr. Praveen Pandey NEDAUP Gov. - - 1993-95
"Studies on the effect of hydrogen addition on soot formation in acetylene-air diffusion combustion" (Ph.D. Thesis, IIT Kanpur ) Dr. Praveen Pandey - - - 2003-06
"Studies on the Vibration Transmission Problem in Forge Hammer Foundation''(M.Tech. Thesis) Prof. S. K. Srivastava - - - 1993-94
''Green Sand Moulding Process Optimization Through Taguchi's Technique''(M.E. Thesis)"Investigations of Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of Plane Surfaces" (Ph.D. Thesis at IIT/K) Dr. D. K. Singh - - - 1996-97
"Investigations on the Effect of Inertia Forces on Elastothermodynamic Damping in Composite Materials"(Ph.D. Thesis) Prof. S. K. Srivastava - - - 1997-01
Micro to Nano Finishing using Pulsating Flexible Magnetic Abrasive Brush Prof. D.K.Singh UGC New delhi 10 Lakhs - 2013-2016