Sports Sub Council of CSA is responsible for conducting and managing all sports and games activities organized for/by the students in the campus. ‘Aayaas’, University’s annual sports meet, is one of the major events coordinated by this Sub Council. Besides, the Sub Council also organizes sports activities such as Smash, Inter Branch Tournaments, International Yoga Day etc. to motivate and energize the students.


Sr. No. Designation Name & Department Contacts
01. Sports Sub Council Faculty/Officer Incharge Sri. Arun Kumar Singh (P.T.I) 8765783686
Football (Boys /Girls ) Dr. Pradeep Muley (CED) 8765783705
Hockey (Boys /Girls ) Dr. Jyoti (CHED) 9235500558
Basketball (Boys /Girls ) Dr. Navdeep Singh (EED) 9235552351
Cricket (Boys /Girls) Sri. Sunil Kumar Yadav(MED) 9235552353
Volleyball (Boys /Girls ) Dr. Shekhar Yadav (EED) 8765783665
Badminton (Boys /Girls ) Dr. Harish Chandra (MSCD) 9235501647
Yoga Dr. Krishna Kumar (CESD) 9235552356
Chess, Carrom, Skating & Billiards Dr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta (PMSD) 8765783678
Table Tennis (Boys /Girls ) Dr. Ravi Shankar (CHED) 8765783671
Kabaddi (Boys /Girls) Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta (HSSD) 9235552355
Track and Gymnasium Dr. Dheerandra Singh (MED) 9235552352


S.N. Designation Name, Branch & Year Contacts
Sports Secretary (Boys) Abhishek Singh, EE 4th Year 9651492895
Sports Secretary (Girls) Pooja Bharti, ECE 4th Year 8174938128
Joint Sports Secretary (Boys) Ashish Gautam, CHE 4th Year 8808599359
Joint Sports Secretary (Boys) Shubham Singh, CHE 3rd Year 9680482644
Joint Sports Secretary (Girls) Shivani, ECE 3rd Year 9911367363
Joint Sports Secretary (Girls) Preeti Sharma, CE 3rd Year 6387627174


1 Captain Hockey (Boys) Abhinav Kumar Tiwari, CHE 4th Year 8292798512
Captain Hockey (Girls) Aparna, ME 4th Year 8004652040
2 Captain Cricket (Boys) Ananya Shukla, ME 4th Year 8924944417
Captain Cricket (Girls) Smita Mishra, CSE 3rd Year 7081945760
3 Captain Football (Boys)
Vice-Captain (Boys)
Gaurav Pandey, CSE 4th Year
Arin Pandey, CHE 4th Year
4 Captain Kabaddi (Boys) Anoop Singh, ECE 4th Year 9452183274
Captain Kabaddi (Girls) Ruchi Rai, CHE 4th Year 7880763086
5 Captain Badminton (Boys) Ashish Sonkar, ME 3rd Year 7618877854
Captain Badminton (Girls) Divyanshi Singh, CSE 3rd Year 9027390822
6 Captain Carrom (Boys) Sachin Pratap Singh, CSE 4th Year 9936047565
Captain Carrom (Girls) Samiksha Bidua, CHE 3rd Year 8112599115
7 Captain Chess (Boys) Saurabh Tripathi, ECE 4th Year 9161445667
Captain Chess (Girls) Ritu Giri, CHE 3rd Year 8354881916
8 Captain Table Tennis (Boys) Chetan Sahu, ECE 4th Year 7678800771
Captain Table Tennis (Girls) Naincy Singh, ECE 4th Year 7376909543
9 Captain Basketball (Boys) Adarsh Maurya, CSE 4th Year 9984691915
Captain Basketball (Girls) Navneeta Ranjan, EE 3rd Year 6388611200
10 Captain Athletics (Boys) Abhishek Singh, EE 4th Year 9651492895
Captain Athletics (Girls) Pallavi Jaiswal, EE 4th Year 8542900360
11 Captain Volleyball (Boys) Shubham Singh, CHE 3rd Year 9680482644
Captain Volleyball (Girls) Mandvi Mishra, ECE 4th Year 7081498815

Major Events organized by Sports Sub-Council for the Session 2022-2023

  • Inter year Kabaddi Tournament for developing interest among students about indigenous sports of India organized on 13th -14 th August, 2022
  • ‘Run for Freedom’ was organized on Independence Day on 15th August 2022.
  • Sport Sub council proudly organized sports competition of Adopted 05 Village’s school students under “ Diksha Utsav Week” on 18th -19th September, 2022
  • ‘Run for Unity’ was organized on the occasion of Republic Day on 26th January 2023.
  • University Sport’s Team participated in “AVAHAN” annual sports fest organized by Dr. RaM Manohar lohiya Law University, Lucknow on 4th-6th February, 2023 and Secured overall Second Place.
  • 59th Annual Sports Meet “AAYAAS-23” was organized during 20th to 21st February, 2023
  • Khelo India University Game “ Torch relay” was organized on 10th May, 2023
  • One week YOGA Training Camp was organized during 14th -20th June, 2023
  • 21st June 2023 on the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoga Training for all was Organized.
Sports team at Vajra, BIT-Mesra
Ran Neeti, IIT-Mandi
TVARAN, KNIT-Sultanpur