Mathematics and Scientific Computing

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Scientific Computing attained its present status of an independent department on 22nd June, 2019. Prior to this department was constituent part of Applied Science Department, established in 1962. The department is committed to impart the effective teaching and quality research work in different areas of Mathematics and Scientific Computing.

Courses Offered by the Department:

  • M.Sc. Mathematics (Specialization in Computing)
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics

  • Besides this, department also offer various courses of Mathematics to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of different Engineering, Science and management Departments of the university.

    The faculty members of the department have expertise across areas of both pure and applied mathematics, such as Modern Algebra, Ring Theory, Operations Research, Inventory Control, Graph Theory, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Special Functions and Mathematical Modelling. They have studied or worked at leading institutions across the India, and their research is published in journals of high international repute. With 10 (01 Professor, 03 Associate Professor, 06 Assistant Professor) sanctioned post of faculty members, the Department is well-placed to offer a variety of courses and activities. The ongoing Research Projects of the department are:

    S.No.Principal InvestigatorTitle of Project Funding AgencyAmount (in Lakhs)Duration
    1.Dr. Harish ChandraStudy of Derived Length and Nilpotency Class of Group AlgebrasSERB, New Delhi05.462017-2020
    2.Dr. Amit Kumar BarnwalA class of nonlocal doubly singular boundary value problems with Riemann Stieltjes integral type boundary conditionsDST-SERB, New Delhi18.742017-2021

    The department has its own state of the art Computational Lab equipped with advanced computing software. The Department also offers facilities for research work leading to Ph.D. degree in different branches of Mathematics and Scientific Computing.

    "Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics.”: Siméon Poisson (1781-1840).