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The University is residential institution with five boys' hostels named Subhash Bhawan, Raman Bhawan, Vishweswaraya Bhawan (exclusively for first year boys), Tagore Bhawan and Ambedkar Bhawan and three girls' hostels named Saraswati Bhawan, Sarojani Bhawan and Kalpna Chawla Bhawan. These hostels accommodate a total of about 1470 students. The hostels are well furnished with necessary amenities available with in hostel premises. The leased line Internet facility is available for 24x7 hours (except University hours) in every room of each hostel.

Students admitted to the University hostels are provided with the necessary furniture. The students are personally responsible for upkeep of the articles issued to them by the warden in sound condition. First year students are provided with three/two seater rooms as per the availablilty. Senior students are provided with double and single seated rooms depending upon availability.

Details of Hostels for Boys

Sr. Hostel Name Capacity Name of Warden Mobile
1. Raman Bhawan 260 I. Prof. Sarvpal Singh
II. Shri Awadhesh Kumar
2. Subhash Bhawan 240 I. Shri S.N. Chaudhary
II. Dr. B.K. Pandey
3. Vishveshwaraya Bhawan 200 I. Prof. U.C. Jaiswal
II. Dr. A.K. Barnwal
III. Dr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta

4. Tagore Bhawan 200 I. Dr. Brijesh Singh
II. Shri K. P. Singh

5. Ambedkar Bhawan 200 I. Dr. R. K. Shukla
II. Manish Kumar Srivastava
6. Tilak Bhawan 160 I. Dr. Harish Chandra
II. Dr. Sudhanshu Verma

7. Ramanujam Bhawan 160 I. Sri. D.S. Singh
II. Sri. Devesh Kumar

Details of Hostels for Girls

Sr. Hostel Name Capacity Name of Warden Mobile
1. Saraswati Bhawan 70 I. Sri. G.S. Tripathi
II. Prof. Govind Pandey
III. Ms. Shweta Yadav

2. Sarojani Bhawan 70 I. Dr. S.C. Jaiswal
II. Mrs Meenu
3. Kalpna Chawala Bhawan 100 I. Dr. A.K. Mishra
II. Miss Swati Gangwar