Ph.D. Awarded

S. N. PhD Scholar Name Department Supervisor Thesis Title Registration Year PhD Awarded Year
1 Arvind Kumar Pandey ECED Dr. R.K. Chauhan Design of Some Microtrip Based Bandpass Filters for Wirless Communication 2014 2017
2 Yatindra Gaurav ECED Dr. R.K. Chauhan Design of Some Microtrip  Bandpass Filters using Resonators and Some Additional Structures 2014 2018
3 Vandita Rao ASD/ Physics Dr.D.K. Dwivedi Crystallization Kinetics and Hardness Studies of Some Chalcogenide Glasses for the Development of Phase Change Memories 2014 2018
4 Shailesh Kumar CSED Dr. P.K. Singh Performance Improvement of NAND Flash Memory 2014 2019
5 Praveen Kumar Singh ASD/ Physics Dr. D.K. Dwivedi Synthesis and Characterization of Selenium Based Challagenidec Glasses for Optoelectronic Application 2015 2019
6 Sudhir Kumar Agarwal EED Dr. A.N. Tiwari & Dr. V.K. Giri Development of Health Monitoring of Induction Machine Using Computational Intelligence 2014 2019
7 Anupma Yadav MED Prof. S.C. Jayswal Simulation Modeling for Desigining and Evaluating Flexible manufacturng System 2014 2020
8 Durga Prasad MED Prof. S.C. Jayswal Design and Development of Reconfigurable manufacturing System 2014 2020
9 Anurag Dwivedi EED Dr. A.N. Tiwari Performance Analysis on Three Phase PWM Rectifier Using Hystersis Current Conntrol Techniques 2014 2019
10 Prakash Kumar Singh CSED Prof. Udai Shanker Transaction Issues in Mobile Distributed Real-Time Database System 2014 2020
11 Rajneesh Kumar Singh MED Prof. D.K., Singh Investigations into Temperature Analysis of Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process 2014 2020
12 Aanjey Mani Tripathi CSED Prof. S.P. Singh Load Balancing in Cloud Computing 2014 2020
13 Shweta Singh EED Prof. A.N. Tiwari & Prof. S.N. Singh Improvements and Performance Analysis of PMSM Drive 2015 2020
14 Ajai Kumar Gupta CSED Prof. Udai Shanker Some Issues in Location Dependent Information System's Query for Mobile Environment 2016 2020
15 Sarvesh Kumar Pandey CSED Prof. Udai Shanker Resolving Conflicts Amongst Distributed Real Time Transactions 2016 2020
16 Mohammad Zahid Rayaz Khan MED Dr. S.K. Srivastava & Dr.M.K. Gupta Synthesis and Characterization of Epoxy Based Hybrid Wood Particulate Composites 2016 2020
17 Priyanka Jaiswal PMSD Dr. D.K. Dwivedi Development and Electrical Characterization of Selenium Based CNT Added Chologenide Glasses 2016 2020
18 Prateek Srivastava CSED Prof. Udai Shakker Distributed Database 2015 2020
19 Narendra Yadav ECED Prof. R.K. Chauhan Microelectronics & VLSI 2017 2020
20 Sukriti Yadav MED Dr. Swati Gangwar Materials Science 2017 2020
21 Prakhar Kumar Kharwar MED Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma Fracture Mechanics 2017 2020
22 R. K.  Dwivedi CSED Prof. Rakesh Kumar Design of Energy Effic1ent and Secure Algorithms for Sensor
2017 2021
23 Anshu Kr. Dwivedi CSED Prof. A.K. Sharma Energy Efficient Clustenng for Enhancing Lifetime of
. Wireless Sensor Network
2017 2021
24 Surbhi Mishra PMSD Prof. D.K. Dwivedi Development And Optical Characterization Of Se Based
Chalcogenide Glasses For The Sensmg Application
2017 2021
25 Viveka Nand Shukla MED Prof. Jeeoot Singh Modelling and Analysis Or Laminated Composite Plates using Meshrree Method 2017 2021
26 Rohit Kumar Tiwari CSED Prof. Rakesh Kumar, Prof. Rajkumar Buyya (University of Melbourne, Australia) Cloud Servtce Provider Selection using Multi-Cntena Decision Maktng 2017 2021
27 Kiran CESD Dr. Krishna Kumar Synthesis, Characterizations and Applications of Water Soluble Block Copolymers based on Acrylamide and the1r Derivatives 2017 2021