Lab Name OC
Computing Lab-I Prof. Udai Shankar and Mr. Jai Prakash
Computing Lab-II Prof. A. K. Daniel and Mrs. Meenu
Computing Lab-III Mr. Gaurav Baranwal and Mr. Sushil Kumar Saroj
Computing Lab-IV Mr. Nagendra Pratap Singh and Mr. D. S. Singh
Window and Unix Lab Dr. A. K. Sharma and Mr. M. K. Srivastava
Sun Java Lab Prof. P. K. Singh and Dr. Shiva Prakash
Mobile Computing Lab Dr. S. P. Singh and Mr. M. Hasan
Design Lab Mr. R. K. Dwivedi and Dr. U. C. Jaiswal
PG research Lab Prof. Rakesh Kumar and Mr. Rohit Kumar Tiwari

All the Labs of the Department are well connected to Internet.