Department of Humanities and Management Science was established on June 22, 2019. The department emerged out from 1962 established Applied Science Department and 2001 established Centre for Management Studies of MMMEC, Gorakhpur with a view to imparting teaching and promoting the implementation of practical aspects of Humanities and Management and to build a solid foundation as pivotal constituent of Management and Engineering education. As the nascent upcoming department Humanities and Management Science is committed to create and develop sound professional environment where the budding talents from the multidisciplinary academic and professional areas viz. engineering, management and humanities (including Economics, Psychology English and Foreign Languages Spanish, German, French etc.) can receive value added exposure of academic, managerial and socio-cultural knowledge and ensure multidimensional growth by cultivating deeply rooted ethical values. Highly educated academicians of the department are committed to foster excellence amongst Gen-Z denizens who may selflessly render their services to humanity as cosmopolitans. Humanities and Management Science focuses on management education more than just business education. The approach to pedagogy combines industrial projects, management games, fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theories. Corporate recruiters value our graduates for their intellectual abilities, their collaborative mind set, their individuality and their ability to handle the ground requirements. The HMS offers all major specializations which are in demand today. The Department also promotes teaching and research in new and emerging areas and encourages the academic interaction of the faculty and students at national and international level. For the students and faculty recently a Memorandum of Understanding MOU was signed with Wisconsin University, Green Bay, USA where both of them will avail exposure to the world class teaching learning experience. The proposed Vision and Mission of the department are as under:

Apart from offering various subjects to Engineering courses of university, Department of Humanities and Management Science is offering the following UG, PG and doctoral programs:

● MBA (Specializations in Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resource Management)
● Ph.D. (English & Economics)


The Department is equipped with well-developed laboratories:
● Computer Lab
● Language Lab-I
● Language Lab-2

Facilities provided by the Department of Humanities and Management Science

● Computer lab with internet facility
● Departmental Library
● Smart Classroom
● Seminar Hall
● Conference Room