Faculty Specializations
Prof. Udai Shankar Real Time Systems, Distributed Real Time Database Systems, Mobile Distributed Real Time Database Systems and Grid Databases
Prof. Rakesh Kumar Mobile Computing, MANET-Internet Integration, Sensor Networks, Network Security and Machine Learning
Prof. P. K. Singh Automatic Parallelization
Prof. A. K. Sharma Database System
Prof. U. C. Jaiswal NLP, Algorithms, Machine Learning
Prof. A. K. Daniel Mobile Ad hoc Network, Fuzzy Logic, Computer Network
Prof. S. P. Singh Wired/ wireless Networking
Prof. Shiva Prakash Algorithms and  Wired/ wireless Networking
Sri D. S. Singh Cryptography & Network Security, Neural Network, DBMS, Operating System and Software Engineering
Sri Jai Prakash Distributed Computing
Sri M. K. Srivastava Algorithms, Machine Learning
Sri M Hasan Mobile Database
Smt. Meenu Web Mining and Semantic Web
Sri R. K. Dwivedi Wireless Sensor Networks
Sri Rohit Kumar Tiwari Computer Vision and Image Processing
Sri Sushil Kumar Saroj Network Security and Cloud Computing
Sri Nagendra Pratap Singh Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing
Dr. Divakar Yadav Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Soft COmputing, E-learning

Research Scholars

Research Scholars Year of Registration Broad Area of Research
Mr. Vimal Kumar 2013 Network Security
Mr. Prakash Srivastava 2013 Mobile Ad hoc network
Ms. Pooja Chaturvedi 2013 Wireless Sensor Network
Ms. Shachi Mall 2013 Natural Language Processing
Mr. Aanjey Mani Tripathi 2014 Cloud Computing
Mr. Shailesh Kumar 2014 Computer Architecture
Mr. Prakash Kumar Singh 2014 Distributed Database
Mr. Pratik Shrivastava 2015 Distributed Database
Mr. Ajay Kumar Gupta 2016 Distributed Database
Mr. Suryabhan Pratap Singh 2016 Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Sarvesh Pandey 2016 Distributed Database
UGC-JRF Fellow
Mr. Punit Kumar Singh 2016 Machine Learning with Big Data