1. The students will develop the ability towards the application of fundamental knowledge of computing, mathematics, algorithms and computer science & engineering precepts and rationales for developing the solutions of the critical engineering problems. (Rudimentary engineering analytical skills).

2. The under-graduating students will be able to model and carry out the experiments by using the fundamental knowledge of computer science & engineering discipline and derive the conclusions by analysing and interpreting the data.

3. The students will be able to analyze, design, implement and assess a computer based information system, procedure, module or program to fulfill the requirements along with the consideration of economical, social, privacy and reliability constraints.(innovative skills)

4. The students will be able to perform efficaciously in multi disciplinary teams. (Team spirit)

5. The students will develop the analytical skills to critically analyze, recognize, formulate and devise solutions to the engineering problems by using the adequate computing and engineering skills and knowledge. (Engineering problem solving skills)

6. The students will have the awareness towards the professional, ethical practices, legal, security & social consequences and obligation. (Professional integrity).

7. The students will have the efficient speaking skill and written/interpersonal communication skills.(Oral & written communication skill)

8. To impart the exhaustive education in the students required to understand and analyze the local and global consequences of computer science & engineering solutions ranging from individuals and organizations to society. (Engineering consequences assessment skills)

9. The students will develop the realization of the requirement of and the ability to indulge in maintaining professional growth and unending learning. (Continuing education cognizance).

10. The students will have the cognition towards the current issues and problems. (Societal awareness)
11. The students will possess the ability to utilize the knowledge of innovative computing equipments required for engineering tasks. (Pragmatic skills)

12. The students will be able to apply the design and evolution precepts in the development of software and hardware computer systems of variable complications. (Software hardware interface).