COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Programme Educational Objective (PEO’s)

1. To inculcate the knowledge of the fundamentals of the mathematics, science & engineering disciplines for developing the ability to formulate, solve and analyze the problems of Computer Science & Engineering field and to provide them the skills for the pursuit of under-graduate studies, research and development and higher education.

2. To provide the understanding of the prerequisite of the software, technical aspects and design for coming up with the novel engineering solutions and efficient product developments.

3. To assist the students in the pursuit of the successful career by adopting the ethical practices and social responsibility.

4. To provide students the technical as well as soft skills required by the national as well as international organizations.

5. To elevate cognizance in the students toward the unending learning and to inculcate the ethical and moral ways.

6. To give students the knowledge of the contemporary technologies, practical experiences and possibilities in the field of Computer Science & Engineering and to provide the multidisciplinary knowledge to develop the team spirit and leadership qualities by working on multidisciplinary projects.