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Council of Student Activites


Prof. D.K. Dwivedi


Sri S.N. Choudhary , (CED)

Dr. Brijesh Kumar ,( ECED)


Mrs. Pooja Lohia ,( ECED)

Faculty Incharge

i. Sports Sub Council Dr.Brijesh Kumar, (ECED)
ii. Cultural Sub Council Dr. Diwakar Yadav , (CSED)
iii. Literary Sub Council Sri. M.K .Srivastava ,( CSED)
iv. Malaviyan Digital Sub Council Mrs. Sana Jafar , (CED)
v. Photography Club Dr. Harish Chandra (ASD)
vi. Hobby Club Dr. Jeoot Singh (MED)
vii. Martial Arts Club Mrs . Meenu , (CSED)
viii. Yoga Club Dr. Krishna Kumar (ASD)
ix. Day Scholar Club Dr. Navdeep Singh (EED)
x. Resident Scholar Club Warden of the Respective Hostel
xi. Personality Development & Career Counseling Cell Dr. Manish Kumar (ECED)
xii. Entrepreneurship Development Cell Sri R .B. Prasad (MED)
xiii. Innovation Cell Dr Sudhansu Verma (ECED)
xiv. NSS Cell Dr. S.P. Singh (CSED)
xv. NCC Cell Sri Awadesh Kumar (EED)

Ms Sunayana (CED)

Sports Sub Council

i. Football (Boys Team)

Football (Girls Team)
Sri. Nagendra Pratap Singh

Ms. Sweta Yadav
Computer Science & Engg.

Civil Engg.
ii. Hockey (Boys Team)

Hockey (Girls Team)
Sri Rohit Kr. Tiwari

Mrs . Pooja Lohia
Computer Science & Engg.

Eletronics & Communication
iii. Basketball (BoysTeam)

Basketball (Girls Team)
Dr. Abhishek Kr. Gupta

Ms . Sunayna
Applied Science Dept.

Civil Engg.
iv. Cricket (Boys Team)

Cricket (Girls Team)

Mrs Meenu

Computer Science & Engg.
v. Volleyball (Boys Team)

Volleyball (Girls Team)
Sri. Shekhar Yadav

Mrs. Swati Gangwar
Electrical Engg.

Mechanical Engg.
vi. Lawn Tennis Sri. Madan Chandra Maurya Civil Engg.
vii. Gymnastics Sri. Dharmendra Kumar Electronic & Communication Engg.
viii. Badminton Dr. Ravi Shankar Chemical Engg.
ix. T.T Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta Chemical Engg.
x. Chess Sri. Sushil Kumar Saroj Computer Science & Engg.
xi. Carrom Sri. Anupam Sahu Electronic & Communication Engg.
xii. Kabbadi Dr. R.K Lal Mechanical Engg.