It is the annual event of the Electronics & Communication EngineeringSociety (ECES). Explora which was started way back in 2009 and is conducted generally in the month of January or February. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and has been the driving force behind the working of every member of the conduction committee. This annual event is always managed with optimum utilization of available limited resources.

Explora is an amalgamation of a plethora of events which comprehends every possible flavour. The efforts, endeavour and ceaseless attempts of the committee members have been the backbone of the event to nurture and inspire talent. The prime objective of Explora has been to provide students a platform to showcase their talents and unearth their hidden skills.

Here is the list of events being conducted under the banner of Explora :

  • C Quiz- It is a C programming quiz conducted to test the C knowledge of the students.
  • GK Quiz- It is a general knowledge quiz which consists of questions from various fields to test ones knowledge versatility.
  • Group Discussion- In this, 7 to 8 students sit around and discuss on a given topic to reach to a final conclusion.
  • Just a Minute- In this, every student is given a topic to speak for a minute considering his/her fluency, pronunciation and presence of mind.
  • Quantico- This is a a two round event in which first round consists of aptitude test and second round is a treasure hunt.
  • Roll the reel- It is the most exciting event of Explora in which students have to make a short film depicting a noble message.
  • Pic-Tales- It is also an interesting event in which students have to collect the images and arrange them in such a way so that it conveys a message.
  • Map-e chart- IIt is a sketching event in which students have to put his/her ideas into paper.
  • Electromanic- It is a technical event in which students are taught about some electronic components and based on which they have to implement a given circuit on a bread board.

All of the above mentioned events are organized by the executive members of ECE Society under the patronage of :

Dr Sudhanshu Verma
Assistant Professor & Faculty Advisor (ECES)
ECE Department
Shri GS Tripathi
Associate Professor & Head
ECE Department